An Introduction to Three Types of Standard Pedal Harps

The standard pedal harp is a common sight with its 47 strings. But are all these harps the same height and size? Just like us, harps come in different heights and sizes. In the harp world, there are three main types: Straight, Semi-grand, and Concert Grand. They differ mainly in the size of their soundboard. Take the Daphne series, for example, split into Daphne 47S, Daphne SE, and Daphne EX, each with official measurements:

Concert Grand (EX) harps have a larger soundboard, shaped like a pear. Semi Grand (SG) is like an avocado, and Straight (S) lives up to its name with the smallest soundboard. The difference in soundboard size between the smallest and largest of Salvi harps is 12cm!

Why different soundboard sizes? To suit different people’s heights. Playing a harp that’s too big or too small might make the player’s posture awkward and the performance a bit challenging. Also, bigger boxes produce a louder and richer sound, perfect for group performances or concerts.

Adult harpists generally prefer Concert Grand harps to let the audience appreciate the original harp melodies. Brands like Salvi and Lyon & Healy offer harps in various sizes, considering the needs of different harpists. When you’re buying, feel free to visit our center, try out the harps in person, and make sure the harp fits your needs!

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