A New Choice for Harp Strings: Sipario GutGold

Harp strings are often hailed as the soul of the instrument. They not only influence the tonal quality but also play a vital role in maintaining your harp’s overall health. For years, we’ve held a steadfast commitment to high-quality strings, with Bow Brand strings being our go-to choice. However, this year, Salvi Harps has opened a new chapter in the world of harp strings with the introduction of the next generation—Sipario GutGold Strings. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting new addition!

Similar to Bow Brand strings, Sipario GutGold Strings are crafted from high-quality sheep gut. What’s more, their uniquely smooth surface significantly reduces unnecessary friction, effectively preserving the strings’ tonal quality while enhancing their durability. If you’re accustomed to using Bow Brand strings, transitioning to Sipario GutGold Strings is a breeze. According to feedback from our expert harp instructors, the difference in feel and sound between the two is minimal. Both types produce warm and rich tones that beautifully complement Salvi and Lyon & Healy harps.

Moreover, Sipario GutGold Strings eliminate any confusion by sharing the same colors, gauges, and numbering system as Bow Brand strings. This means you can effortlessly purchase and replace your strings using the familiar specifications. And in terms of pricing, Sipario GutGold Strings are offered at the same cost as Bow Brand, giving you two high-quality options without breaking the bank. If you prefer to wait until your old strings naturally wear out before making the switch, rest assured that this is a perfectly viable approach.

Our commitment to providing top-notch harp string choices remains unwavering. Apart from Bow Brand, we’re excited to announce that Sipario GutGold Strings are now available for purchase on our online store. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries or visit our website to explore your options. Let’s embark on this journey of discovering the all-new Sipario GutGold harp strings together!

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