Cassy Ho

Cassy Ho is a holder of Grade 8 Harp of The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. 

She started to learn harp at the age of thirteen.  She studied harp with Juliana Beckel, an American Harpist and Edith Pun, an active Hong Kong harp performer. Cassy took part in master classes and private lessons with Karen Vaughan, Irina Zingg, Catherine Michel, Maria Luisa Rayan and Sylvain Blassel. She participated and performed in the Harp Academy Harpmasters Future Program in Switzerland under the guidance of Karen Vaughan and Irina Zingg. She also participated, performed and assisted several years of Harpy Summer Camp held in Hong Kong.  She is now studying Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music) at The Education University of Hong Kong, major in Harp.

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