Global Shipping Services

Harp is a massive yet very delicate musical instrument. Thereby, it is very important to ensure that your harp arrives at the destination in good working condition.

Harp Centre provide professional Harp Moving Service both locally and internationally, like to China, South East Asia, United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Taiwan, etc.  

We offer a broad portfolio of Global Harp moving services, including Air Freight Services, Sea Cargo Services, Air Freight logistics, Customs Clearance Services, Port Handling Services, Warehousing Services, etc.

Overall, we provides a full range of harp shipping services, including professional harp packing, custom crating, storage in secure warehouses. We also assist with freight forwarding and customs brokerage, as well as offer comprehensive insurance, courier, and other services.

Over the Years, we help Harpists to ship their Harp to the USA, UK, Continental Europe and Southeast Asia.

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