Hands on Harp: The Must-Have harp book for the Beginners

Harp books are a great companion for learning the harp. We believe that Grossi is a necessary book and many people also use Betty Paret’s First Harp Book. However, experienced teachers will find that the difficulty level of each piece in the First Harp Book varies greatly. Therefore, we recommend Angharad Evans Young’s harp book, “Hands On Harp, You Can Play”. This is also the harp book our teachers use generally.

“Hands on Harp, You Can Play” focuses on the needs of beginners. It is worth using because the author has systematically designed the learning curriculum and uses interesting and lively methods to teach music theory, such as staff notation, scales, and rhythm, making it easier for everyone to learn the harp in a more systematic way and improve their learning effectiveness. The most interesting part is that there are three pieces in the book that are for beginners to play as duets or even trios, giving everyone a different experience.

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