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A New Choice for Harp Strings: Sipario GutGold

Harp strings are often hailed as the soul of the instrument. They not only influence the tonal quality but also play a vital role in maintaining your harp’s overall health. For years, we’ve held a steadfast commitment to high-quality strings, with Bow Brand strings being our go-to choice. However, this year, Salvi Harps has opened a new chapter in the world of harp strings with the introduction of the next generation—Sipario GutGold Strings. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting new addition! Similar to Bow Brand strings, Sipario GutGold Strings are crafted from high-quality sheep gut. What’s more, their

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Introduction of Bow Brand Harp Strings

Bow Brand is a highly regarded manufacturer of harp strings, with a rich history that spans over a century. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1906, the company has built a reputation for producing strings with a clear, bright tone and excellent intonation, which are favored by harpists worldwide. Bow Brand produces a diverse range of harp strings to cater to different types of harps and playing styles, using materials such as pedal gut, lever gut, pedal nylon, lever nylon, pedal bass wire and lever bass wire. Their harp strings are available in various gauges, allowing for customized tension and

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Are My Hands Suitable for Playing the Harp?

Playing the harp is a highly intricate process, and while our hands are not the sole key to success, they do play a crucial role. Reading sheet music with our eyes, analyzing it in our minds, expressing emotions, and ultimately presenting the melody through our hands—it’s a multifaceted endeavour. However, our hands merely serve as the “output” in this equation; the essence of music lies in the captivating melodies that touch our hearts. Wonderful music is born from rich imagination, experienced through attentive listening and heartfelt emotions, and ultimately expressed through our han When it comes to the size of

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Instructions for packing a Pedal Harp

We have always provided original Salvi or Lyon and Healy shipping cartons for our customers to facilitate the transportation of their harps. These cartons are specifically designed to be sturdy and reliable, providing comprehensive protection for the harp. Today, we would like to share with you the detailed process and techniques for packing a pedal harp into the carton, hoping to give you a better understanding. First and foremost, it’s important to note that both the harp and the carton are tall and heavy. We strongly recommend having two people work together to complete the packing process. The process for

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Experience the joy of Harp Lessons with Hong Kong Harp Centre

Every day, we encounter numerous inquiries, with one of the most common topics being related to harp courses. We are delighted to witness a growing interest in learning the harp, attracting individuals from various backgrounds, including:– Those who have never played a musical instrument before– Individuals with prior experience in playing other instruments– Those who wish to explore learning from different instructors– People preparing for special events and more. At Hong Kong Harp Centre, we provide professional harp education, and we warmly welcome anyone, regardless of their reasons for joining us. Let’s address some common questions about our courses. Is

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Experience the Newest Harp Strings – Sipario BioCarbon® Strings

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in harp strings, the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings. These strings are made from a bioplastic derived from sugarcane, offering exceptional durability and tensile strength, eliminating the need for frequent string replacements. They have excellent longevity under tension and provide outstanding comfort for fingerpicking. Moreover, humidity can be a nightmare for harpists, but the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings are different. They possess extraordinary moisture resistance, ensuring stable performance whether you’re playing in a dry concert hall or a humid outdoor venue. However, compared to gut strings, the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings have a slightly darker tone

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