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New Harp Strings:Sipario – GutGold

For all you harp enthusiasts, especially those who love playing the Pedal Harp, the term “gut strings” is probably music to your ears. On a harp, sandwiched between the nylon and metal strings at the front and back are the gut strings, originally crafted from sheep intestines. Refined through meticulous processing, these strings deliver a rich and warm tone, perfect for finger-style playing. In the past decade, the go-to gut strings were often from the UK-based Bow Brand. But this year (2023), there’s a new player in town: Sipario – GutGold. These gut strings boast a lush and round sound,

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Tips for Harp Caring in Winter

Winter brings drier weather, and it’s crucial to maintain your harp and strings daily to ensure they remain in excellent condition over the long term. Here are some valuable tips: In addition to these winter-specific maintenance strategies, it’s essential to maintain your harp year-round. Regular tuning, dusting with a dry cloth, and periodic maintenance ensure your harp remains in excellent condition for years to come.

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Discovering Salvi’s Ana: A Professional Lever Harps

When it comes to lever harps, many of us tend to think of Lyon and Healy’s Prelude – a classic choice, no doubt. But today, we’re excited to introduce you to a hidden gem in the world of lever harps: Salvi’s Ana. Aesthetic Appeal: Ana might be a lever harp, but it boasts the elegant physique of a pedal harp. With its upright columns, an expanded soundbox, and intricately crafted patterns on the soundboard, it’s a true work of art. The available colors range from natural wood tones to deep blacks, rich walnuts, and even peachwood hues. Ana stands tall

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A New Choice for Harp Strings: Sipario GutGold

Harp strings are often hailed as the soul of the instrument. They not only influence the tonal quality but also play a vital role in maintaining your harp’s overall health. For years, we’ve held a steadfast commitment to high-quality strings, with Bow Brand strings being our go-to choice. However, this year, Salvi Harps has opened a new chapter in the world of harp strings with the introduction of the next generation—Sipario GutGold Strings. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting new addition! Similar to Bow Brand strings, Sipario GutGold Strings are crafted from high-quality sheep gut. What’s more, their

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Introduction of Bow Brand Harp Strings

Bow Brand is a highly regarded manufacturer of harp strings, with a rich history that spans over a century. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1906, the company has built a reputation for producing strings with a clear, bright tone and excellent intonation, which are favored by harpists worldwide. Bow Brand produces a diverse range of harp strings to cater to different types of harps and playing styles, using materials such as pedal gut, lever gut, pedal nylon, lever nylon, pedal bass wire and lever bass wire. Their harp strings are available in various gauges, allowing for customized tension and

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Are My Hands Suitable for Playing the Harp?

Playing the harp is a highly intricate process, and while our hands are not the sole key to success, they do play a crucial role. Reading sheet music with our eyes, analyzing it in our minds, expressing emotions, and ultimately presenting the melody through our hands—it’s a multifaceted endeavour. However, our hands merely serve as the “output” in this equation; the essence of music lies in the captivating melodies that touch our hearts. Wonderful music is born from rich imagination, experienced through attentive listening and heartfelt emotions, and ultimately expressed through our han When it comes to the size of

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