Harp Education

In Harp Centre, we believe “Everyone Can”.   Talents is an ease to success, more importantly, the potential of everyone can be highly developed if he / she is given the proper training and learning environment. All our harp teachers are professionally trained musician graduated with Harp Major Music Degree from Conservatory and University locally and internationally.

Our Harp Teacher offers a personal, supportive, and dynamic education.  We understand every student is unique, all our teachers will have individualized approach to help each student fulfill their highest artistic and intellectual potential. No matter if they want to be professional or amateur, our teachers will help students to choose a path best suited for their unique individual musical goals. Through private or group harp lesson, ensemble coaching, theory classes, students learn a wide range of skills enabling them to succeed and adapt in today’s rapidly changing professional environment.

Music is an art.  It requires solid fundamentals of playing, understanding of the instrument, knowledge of the music and training on the stage.  But these cannot be achieved by only practicing alone. We emphasize the importance of the interaction between Hong Kong and Overseas harpist by inviting well-known artists for recitals, masterclasses and summer camps to broaden the horizon of the harpist.

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