Harp Regulation

By seeing the increasing need for harp regulation, we know that a certified harp regulator is highly demanded. We are proud to say the Hong Kong Harp Centre is the first and the only Harp Shop has in-house Certified Harp Regulator in Hong Kong to help your harp repair needs on recurring basis. He is certified by both Salvi and Lyon & Healy Harps and is admitted in the technician guild.

Apart from having a quality harp, whether a harp can demonstrate its best shape or not is also largely determined by its maintenance. The harp regulation maintenance service designed to keep your harp playing and sounding its best, to eliminate buzzes, and to keep the overall health of your harp. Our technician was sent overseas for advanced training in order to uphold the highest standard of service.

What will be done?

During PEDAL HARP regulation, regulator will

  • Inspection of the base
  • Springs
  • Pedal lever
  • Greasing
  • Checking pedal rods and connections
  • Adjusting rod length/overmotion
  • Changing pedal and slot felt
  • Adjustment of string/disc positioning
  • Noise control
  • Calibrate the intonation of intervals
  • Overall inspection of body, frame, neck, column, and mechanism

Please Contact us if you would like to reserve a seat for the next upcoming regulation.

A LEVER HARP regulation

  • Adjusting the levers to see that when the lever is engaging the string that the pitch is
  • adjusted to the best point possible
  • Noise control
  • Enhance perform-ability

Please Contact us if you would like to reserve a seat for the next upcoming regulation.

How often should my harp be regulated?

We suggest harp should regulated yearly, especially those harps used professionally, likeadvanced student, gigging harps, orchestral harp, harp for recording etc. should regulate yearly.

Harps used less that 5 hours a week can be regulated every other year.

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