Harp Rental

The Hong Kong Harp Centre provide a easy access for all level of harpist in their harp journey.  We offer a wide variety of Salvi & Lyon & Healy harps for different rental programme according to your need.  Our team consists of industry experts and professional harpists who will assist you to help you choose the right harp.

Hourly Rental
Harps are available for rental on hourly basis in our shop. 

Time Fee
30 mins HKD 100
45 mins  HKD 120
60 mins  HKD 150

Short Term Rental
One off Harp Rental is available for rental for example, festival, concert, or wedding or other performance purpose. We will arrange the pick up and delivery services.  Bench, Strings, tuning key and other accessories will be provided upon request.

Long Term Rental 
Our Rental Program provides beginners easy access to a Lyon & Healy or Salvi harps.   Harps rental more than 3 months can be rented without limited timeline.  
We have wide range of size of harp for rental, from lever harp 34 strings to Student Model or even Professional Pedal Harp or Gold Harp.  


Rent to Own Programme
We provides beginning harpists an affordable opportunity to have a harp for practice. Unlike other rent-to-own program, ours is unique.   There is never an obligation to purchase, but if you do decide to purchase, the majority of your rental payments will apply towards the purchase.  This apply to both Pedal and Lever Harp

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