Since the very first HarpyWeek®  in 2013, it growth into one of the most important Harp event in Asia. HarpyWeek® gave to the Harp society the opportunity to meet some of the today’s foremost harpists, get inspired by their wonderful performances and learn from the masters in the Private Lessons and Masterclass.

 HarpyWeek® with Yuying Chen, Fabrice Pierre and others New!!!

 HarpyWeek® with Naoko Yoshino (SEPT 2013)

HarpyWeek® with Sasha Boldachev (JAN 2014)

HarpyWeek® with Remy Van Kastern (SEPT 2014)

HarpyWeek® with Marie-Pierre Langlamet  (JUNE 2015)

HarpyWeek® with Judy Loman (AUG 2015)

HarpyWeek® with Bridget Kibby (JAN 2016)

HarpyWeek® with Sivan Megan (NOV 2017)

HarpyWeek® with Sasha Boldachev (APR 2018) 

HarpyWeek® with Catrin Finch (MAY 2019) 

HarpyWeek® with Sivan Magen (FEB 2024)

Include Photos of Concert, Highlight Video, HarpyWeek® Award, Master Class, House Program, Poster.

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