Instructions for packing a Pedal Harp

We have always provided original Salvi or Lyon and Healy shipping cartons for our customers to facilitate the transportation of their harps. These cartons are specifically designed to be sturdy and reliable, providing comprehensive protection for the harp. Today, we would like to share with you the detailed process and techniques for packing a pedal harp into the carton, hoping to give you a better understanding.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that both the harp and the carton are tall and heavy. We strongly recommend having two people work together to complete the packing process.

  1. Position the harp carton upright, with the closed side braced against a wall. Tape the upper flap open.
  2. Set the front base foam mold in front of the carton (as pictured); position the harp onto the mold. Do not let go of the harp.
  3. Place the top foam mold on the harp at the crown. Have your assistant hold the harp while you position the top piece.
  4. Slightly angle the top front piece down inward to the opening to push the harp into the carton. Push the harp into the carton until the molds press against the back of the carton. Fit the back of the top foam mold onto the knee block of the harp. 
  5. Insert the two side foams on either side of the soundboard.
  6. Place the second foam mold at the back of the base of the harp. Interlock the two bases by the joints (like a puzzle)
  7. Place the piece of cardboard over the opening, close and securely tape the carton shut with packing tape. With your assistant’s help, carefully tilt the instrument against a wall to tape the bottom seam.

The process for packing lever harps is similar. Throughout the entire packing process, it is crucial to exercise caution. Pedal harps, in particular, due to their height and weight, can be challenging to handle on your own. Remember, proper packing is essential to safeguard your precious harp during transit. We hope these instructions have provided you with valuable insights.

We recommend seeking the assistance of a professional harp technician. Not only will this ensure the safe packing of your harp, but they will also thoroughly inspect each detail to ensure everything is positioned correctly, greatly reducing the risk of damage during transport. If you require packing and shipping services, please feel free to inquire with us.

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