The Main Structure of Lever Harp Introduction

Today we want to introduce the main structure and functions of Lever Harp, so that you can have a basic understanding of this type of harp. Lever Harp is a smaller and more portable type of harp compared to Pedal Harp. It is commonly used in folk, traditional, and classical music. For this introduction, we will be using Salvi’s Gaia Lever Harp as an example.

  1. Tuning Pins: These are cylindrical metal pins arranged systematically on the neck of the harp and used for tuning. By using a tuning key, these pins can be slightly turned up or down to adjust the tension of the strings and change the pitch.

  2. Neck: This is the part that connects the soundbox and the column of the harp. It usually has a curved shape and is fitted with tuning pins and levers.

  3. Levers: These are unique to Lever Harps and are used to change the pitch of the strings by a half key. This allows harpists to play different tunes without having to retune their harp, and also makes it easy to change keys during a performance.

  4. Strings: These are the most important part of the harp. They extend from the soundbox to the tuning pins and can be made from nylon, gut, or metal depending on the type and octave of the harp.

  5. Soundbox: This consists of a soundboard and a back. The soundboard is a thin and flat wooden board that covers the soundbox and resonates with the vibration of the strings. The back is a curved wooden board that helps to reflect and amplify the sound.

  6. Soundboard: This is a crucial component of the harp’s sound, and is also known as the resonating board. It is a thin and smooth high-quality wooden board with a row of small holes for the strings to pass through and reach the tuning pins.

  7. Column: This provides the structure support for the harp, supporting the neck, soundboard, and strings. The shape and size of the column can vary depending on the style and size of the harp.

We hope this introduction has given you a better understanding of the structure of Lever Harp. Salvi and Lyon & Healy harp designers and craftsmen carefully craft each harp, ensuring that each one is unique and meets the needs of different musicians. If you are interested, please contact us and experience the various harps.

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