Lyon & Healy Harps

With 130 years of harp making experience of pedal and lever harp, the Lyon & Healy Harps is acclaimed throughout the world for its remarkable depth and clarity of sound, long history and high quality of craftsmanship.  The company have maintained Healy’s commitment to a practice of old-world craftsmanship while embracing new-world innovations.

Today, Lyon & Healy strikes that balance daily as it pushes methods, materials and technology to better the instrument and better the craft—never falling back on routine or sacrificing quality for the sake of cost. Use of the latest technology enables Lyon & Healy to refine parts of the instrument in greater detail and efficiency, while old-world craftsmanship ensures that care, precision and pride go into the building of each harp.

Lyon and Healy is highly-specific and highly-critical in production.  The quality of each delivery of wood is scientifically tested to ensure that only the highest-grade wood goes into each and every harp.   Both Pedal Harp and Lever Harp use Sitka Spruce for the frame of the body and the soundboard of the harp because it is very responsive, resonance and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

In order to endure that stress of strings, Same as Salvi Harps, Lyon & Healy use Hard Maple in the column, neck and body of the harps.

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