New Harp Strings:Sipario – GutGold

For all you harp enthusiasts, especially those who love playing the Pedal Harp, the term “gut strings” is probably music to your ears. On a harp, sandwiched between the nylon and metal strings at the front and back are the gut strings, originally crafted from sheep intestines. Refined through meticulous processing, these strings deliver a rich and warm tone, perfect for finger-style playing.

In the past decade, the go-to gut strings were often from the UK-based Bow Brand. But this year (2023), there’s a new player in town: Sipario – GutGold. These gut strings boast a lush and round sound, catering to various musical styles and performance modes.

Sipario – GutGold is undoubtedly a top-tier harp string, finely crafted with a smooth surface for a comfortable feel. Its clarity and brilliance significantly enhance the overall harp experience, giving your harp a radiant touch.

Stability is key when it comes to strings, and Sipario – GutGold excels in that department. Harpists can now enjoy their playing without worrying about tuning. Each string carries a unique tone, from crisp highs to deep lows, offering a perfect representation of the harp’s emotional range. With Sipario – GutGold, your harp playing becomes a journey of diverse musical expressions.

Find Sipario – GutGold in our store now, or browse our online shop for a firsthand experience of the new vibes it brings to harp playing. Have questions or need help choosing the right harp strings? Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re here to help you create beautiful music!

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