Salvi Harps: Tips for Long-Term Maintenance

Salvi Harps are known for their high-quality wooden construction, using some of the most precious materials found in nature. This makes harps seem like living instruments that require proper care and maintenance to maintain their quality.

Here are some simple principles and methods to help you maintain your harp’s optimal condition:

Strategies for Placement at Home

  • When not playing, store your harp in a dedicated space with the speaker part close to the wall.
  • Maintain optimal temperature and humidity: 20°C±10°C (50°F-86°F); relative humidity 50%±15%.
  • Keep your harp away from overheated environments and direct sunlight to avoid damaging the coating surface, wooden structure, and strings. It is recommended to use indoor-specific harp covers for protection.

Cleaning Techniques for the Surface

  • To avoid damaging the coating surface, use a soft, dry cotton cloth to clean any marks or finger impressions.
  • Avoid using solvents (such as acetone, ether, etc.), or cleaning products used for furniture.

Replacing Strings The strings are the “voice” of your harp and require periodic replacement. They age due to time, chemical substances in the environment, and sweat from the player’s hands. It is generally recommended to replace the strings in the younger group (0 and first two octaves) once a year.

Maintenance for the Front Pedal Wheels All Salvi Harp pedal harp bases have wheels under the front legs for easy short-distance movement. Pushing it is all that is required, and there is no need to lift it. Avoid moving your harp to rough, asphalt, or uneven surfaces, as this may damage the material of the wheels, loosen them, or cause small particles to clog the sound, resulting in annoying noise while playing.

Maintenance for the Felt Placing the original red felt underneath the pedal harp helps reduce the friction and impact on the base when operating the pedals, ensuring smooth operation. The felt helps prevent the pedals from directly impacting the harp, but they wear over time. It is recommended to regularly check the condition of the felt. If the surface of the felt has significantly deteriorated, contact a Salvi-authorized technician to inspect and adjust the pedals and replace the felt.

Following these tips and methods will help you maintain the quality of your Salvi Harp and ensure it lasts for a long time.

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