Salvi Harps

Salvi Harps in Piasco, Italy is famous in their master of craftsmanship.  They devote their passion and knowledge to produce precious jewels of technology, design and sound. The result is pure harmony between technology and creativity.  The perfect mix between nature and technology is the foundation of quality at Salvi Harps. The rigorous selection of wood is matched with ongoing research to ensure maximum design, ergonomics and sound performance.

Salvi harps is made with different kinds of wood from all over the world for different parts. The hard maple from Canada is selected to ensure strength and stability. The soundboard is made of the best spruce from the forests of Val di Fiemme in Trentino, Italy, the same wood with which Antonio Stradivari built his insurmountable violins. The neck is made of Beech and Maple that provides high resistance to twisting and helps defend the instrument from string tension and maintain tuning. (The more than 2,000 pounds of pressure exerted when the strings are taut puts the neck at chronic risk of warping.)

Choosing a Salvi harp then does not only mean relying on a world class product; it signifies having the means to grow your own music. Total commitment, to assert an exclusive relationship with harpists from around the world, from young talents to established professionals. In other words: pure harmony.

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