Second Hand Harp

A Second Hand Harp is a perfect choice for those who prefer not to purchase new, but want to own and play on Salvi or Lyon & Healy Harps.  

Our Harps are bought by from Trade-In or Lightly used.   Hong Kong Harp Centre is the only Harp Shop in Hong Kong who has an in-house certificated regulator by Salvi and Lyon & Healy.  All of our second harps will go under the inspection and regulation of the certified technician and appraised to guarantee that you receive a fair price without compromising on quality. Only the harps that meet the highest standard, with excellent sound, regulated before selling it to ensure they are in their best condition.  

Since it is always in a high demand for Second Hand Harps, please Contact Us and leave your contact and share your interest to ensure you get the most updated news! 

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