Teacher Training Programme (TTP)

The Teacher Training Programme is first started in 2016, it is a 6 days intensive training course for teachers and armature who wants to know more about harp teaching.    Our aim is to help the teachers to make of the most of their teaching.   

There are a lot of harp schools in the world, like the French, Salzedo, Russian etc., none of them are better than the others, all we need is to understand the theory, belief and __ behind, to make the best use of the teaching material from the Teacher Training Programme and share the knowledge with our next generation.

Teacher Training Programme with Catherine Michel

Catherine Michel, former principal harpist of Paris Opera House as well as a teacher of nowadays world class harpist like, Xavier De Maister, the former principal harpist of Vienna Philharmonic, Sasha Boldachev, the Salvi Artist as well as Alisa Sadikova.  

She is an expert in exploring new repertoires for all level of students and have a very deep understanding of different

Teacher Training Programme with Judy Loman

Judy Loman, former student of Carols Salzedo, a representative of Salzedo school.   She will talk about the foundation and technique of the school and share the interpretation of Salzedo’s compositios.

Include: Some short Video, Little excerpt of Material, photo gallery, poster,

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