Experience the joy of Harp Lessons with Hong Kong Harp Centre

Every day, we encounter numerous inquiries, with one of the most common topics being related to harp courses. We are delighted to witness a growing interest in learning the harp, attracting individuals from various backgrounds, including:
– Those who have never played a musical instrument before
– Individuals with prior experience in playing other instruments
– Those who wish to explore learning from different instructors
– People preparing for special events and more.

At Hong Kong Harp Centre, we provide professional harp education, and we warmly welcome anyone, regardless of their reasons for joining us. Let’s address some common questions about our courses.

Is there an age limit for learning the harp?
Our students range from 4 years old to over 60 years old. We firmly believe that the harp is suitable for all age groups, regardless of gender. The key factor is having a genuine interest and enthusiasm for learning.

Which harps do we use?
In our classrooms, we exclusively use renowned brands such as Salvi and Lyon & Healy harps. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, we provide the appropriate harp based on your needs, ranging from 34-string Lever Harps to 47-string Pedal Harps.

What qualifications do our instructors possess?
Our instructors hold a minimum of Grade 8 certification in harp Exam, who were major in Harp in universities. They have achieved accolades in international harp competitions and are active harp performers in Hong Kong. With extensive teaching experience, they are well-versed in exam preparation, performance techniques, competition strategies, and strive to assist students in meeting their learning expectations.
(To learn more about our harp instructors, visit: https://www.hkharpcentre.com/our-instructors/)

What is the learning approach like?
Our harp classrooms are located in Admiralty, providing a comfortable environment with a vibrant musical atmosphere. To ensure efficient learning, our classes follow a one-on-one teaching approach. Teachers understand each student’s learning expectations, tailor personalized curricula, and provide appropriate instruction. They adjust teaching content flexibly to meet individual needs, offering specific exercises for practice.

Are there any other harp activities?
We aim to broaden students’ horizons by regularly organizing various harp concerts. We invite renowned harpists from around the world to perform and conduct masterclasses, offering students valuable learning experiences. Additionally, we host smaller harp events, providing opportunities for students to perform, appreciate each other’s talents, and learn from one another.

We hope that the information provided above offers a better understanding of our offerings. We offer harp trial lesson, allowing you to personally immerse yourself in the world of harp music. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of playing the harp!

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