Experience the Newest Harp Strings – Sipario BioCarbon® Strings

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in harp strings, the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings. These strings are made from a bioplastic derived from sugarcane, offering exceptional durability and tensile strength, eliminating the need for frequent string replacements. They have excellent longevity under tension and provide outstanding comfort for fingerpicking.

Moreover, humidity can be a nightmare for harpists, but the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings are different. They possess extraordinary moisture resistance, ensuring stable performance whether you’re playing in a dry concert hall or a humid outdoor venue.

However, compared to gut strings, the Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings have a slightly darker tone and may not have the same brilliance and prominence. You can consider two key factors to decide which strings you prefer:
1. Strings that are more affordable and durable.
2. Strings that offer the best tone quality.

Also available by Sipario:
1. Sipario Bionylon® Pedal Harp Strings
2. Sipario BioCarbon® Lever Harp Strings
3. Sipario Silkgut® Lever Harp Strings

We believe that Sipario BioCarbon®️ strings will be one of your options. We have them in stock, feel free to place your order with us!

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