Tips and Tricks to improve the durability of the harp strings.

From the article,  Why Do Harp Strings Break from Time to Time? We know the common factors include:
1. Temperature and Humidity
2. String Material
3. Rough Contact Points
4. Natural ageing of the strings themselves

Although harp string breakage is a common phenomenon mainly influenced by natural factors, there are some pieces of advice we can take to improve the durability of the strings.

  1. Keep the harp in a stable environment: Temperature and humidity can affect the tension of the strings and make them more prone to break. Keeping the harp in a stable environment and away from direct sunlight would be helpful to extend the strings’ lives.

  2. Use high-quality strings: Salvi and Lyon & Healy harps are used with Bow Brand strings, which are high-quality harp strings. The importance of having reliable and long-lasting strings to produce the best possible sound.

  3. Keep the harp clean and well-maintained: Rough contact points can hurt the strings. As well, dirt and grime can accumulate on the strings, causing them to break more easily. Regular dust removal and maintenance will help prevent this.

  4. Tune the harp properly: Over-tightened strings are more likely to break, so make sure to tune the harp properly and avoid excessive tension. Get more information about “How to tune my Lever Harp?

  5. Check the condition of the soundboard: The soundboard is the large wooden surface on the front of the harp that resonates with the sound. Make sure the soundboard is free from cracks, warping or any other damage. Damaged soundboards can affect the tension of the strings and increase the risk of breakage.

  6. Have the harp serviced regularly: Regular servicing of the harp can help to identify any potential issues before they cause damage to the strings.

Don’t let broken strings disrupt your playing! We are always ready to assist you in finding high-quality Bow Brand strings for your Salvi, Lyon & Healy harp. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need any help in selecting the right strings for your harp.

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