Trolley for Harps

Believe that all harpists will find moving the harp a challenging task, especially for Pedal Harps which are tall, heavy, and valuable. During the transportation process, it can be nerve-wracking and stressful. Therefore, renowned harp manufacturers Salvi and Lyon & Healy have designed a harp trolley to alleviate the burden of moving the harp.

  • Beautifully designed to meet the needs of the harp: The Salvi Harp Trolley is a specially designed transport device for harpists, suitable for all types of harps (Lever Harp & Pedal Harp), and easy to operate.
  • Made of high-quality materials, with carefully polished wood surfaces to prevent any collisions or damage to the harp.
  • Equipped with safety belts to secure the harp and a small platform on the base for easy placement of the harp.
  • Two types of wheels to choose from: The wheels are sturdy and can be used on different road surfaces. There are two options: one with a pair of large and stable wheels, which can keep the harp stable on uneven roads. The other is a set of three small wheels, which are particularly useful for going up and down stairs, greatly reducing the shaking of the harp.

If you have a Pedal Harp and need to travel for performances, we recommend that you purchase this harp trolley to assist with moving the harp. If you encounter any issues during use, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to lend our harp trolley to customers in need, please inquire with us.

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