Which strings are for my harp?

Recently, we have received numerous inquiries about new harp strings. We understand that there may be confusion about whether these new products are suitable for your harp. It is crucial to maintain a meticulous attitude when purchasing harp strings because using the wrong strings can not only result in peculiar tones but also potentially affect the overall wood quality of the harp. To address this, we created a simple and clear reference chart so that everyone can easily understand the options.

As shown in the picture, there are three sets of new harp strings that can be interchangeably used:

Bow Brand Pedal Gut and Gut Gold: These are designed specifically for pedal harps or lever harps that use pedal harp strings, such as Salvi’s Gaia and Ana, or L&H’s Odgen and Prelude.

Bow Brand Pedal Nylon and BioNylon: Both are nylon strings, commonly used in the top and first octaves of pedal harps or lever harps that use pedal harp strings.

SilkGut and Biocarbon Lever: Both are fibre strings. Salvi Mia,Titan and Hermes harps have two factory versions—one using gut strings and the other using fibre strings. You need to pay attention to the settling of your harp. If it uses fibre, you please choose SilkGut or Biocarbon Lever strings!

We hope this brief sharing helps everyone understand the categories of the new harp strings. If you still have uncertainties about selecting harp strings, feel free to reach out to us for assistance!

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