Winnie So

Winnie So, was born and bred in Hong Kong and has had an immense passion for music from a very young age. She began studying harp at the age of 12 under her own determination and perseverance which led her to delve deeper and understand the technical aspects better. Recently, she has been fortunate to come across Miss Barbara Sze and is now under her careful guidance. She joined the Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Harp.

Winnie has achieved ABRSM grade 8 for Harp and will keep working to achieve a better grade in the coming years. To put her training on test, Winnie has been tutoring harp to many students around Hong Kong from all age groups. Her students have come out on top in various harp competitions locally and this has allowed Winnie to interact with judges and other teachers to expand her social circle of the harp community in Hong Kong

In addition to harp, Winnie has a great passion for music in general. She has achieved ATCL of Trinity College London in Piano and spends time trying to incorporate sounds from different instruments to create meaningful melodies for her pleasure.

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